Positive communication comes in both short and long conversations. Many times, a few words here and there will make all the difference.

General guidelines for verbal communication with parents and co-workers:

It’s a two-way street

Successful communication goes both ways. Parents want to feel their input and comments are welcomed and heard.  Co-workers want to feel respected and collaborated with. Both parents and coworkers have valuable insights that deserve your attention.

Choose the right time and place

Think through the best place and time to communicate your message. Ensure that you create a space where open communication can take place.

Listen actively

Communication is a two-way street and requires you to listen as well as talk. Signal that you’re listening with visual cues such as nodding and eye contact. Listen with respect by not interrupting, fidgeting, or pacing.

Be aware of what your body is saying

If your arms are crossed and shoulders hunched, communication can be hindered by body language that tells people you don’t want to talk or listen.

Adhere to rules of confidentiality

All formal conversations with First Circle administration that do not take place at a staff meeting are confidential. By EEC regulations, all information contained in a child’s personal file is confidential.


If anyone at First Circle—a co-worker, an Admin member, or a parent—is speaking to you in a manner that feels discourteous or disrespectful, politely let them know. We can all learn from each other.