Our history

In 1997, Charlie and Marcy formed Idris, Inc. and acquired the program called Care-a-Lot Child Care Center and Lexington International Preschool. Idris is the Latin word for knowledge, wisdom, and experience. After completing extensive renovations and upgrades, they renamed the program First Circle Learning Center. By 2015, First Circle had its first waitlist.

In 2019, First Circle acquired the Kiddie Lodge in Framingham. Started in 1955 in a large homestead/barn built in the 1840s, the previous owners brought the Kiddie Lodge to the highest state quality level, QRIS 4.

In 2021, First Circle acquired Hugs Plus in Stoughton, a high-quality program for 30 years.

In 2023, First Circle acquired Chestnut Children’s Center in Needham, a well-known early childhood education program for 27 years. 

Education is the principal goal of Idris, Inc., Idris II, Inc., Idris III, Inc., and Idris IV, Inc., the Massachusetts-based corporations doing business as First Circle Learning Centers.