Our communication standards

Good communication is the foundation of a quality educational program and a healthy work environment.

We recognize that we all have different styles of communication. Our goal is to create a workplace where we communicate with respect, courtesy, and support. Open, respectful, and frequent communication with co-workers builds a strong team environment and collaborative culture.

In addition to monthly staff meetings, team meetings, and informal sessions, we will communicate with you via email and postings in the staff room and lobby – please look for communications!

Our strong, supportive, and effective partnership with families depends on regular and on-going communication. Families want information about their child’s day and their development.

As a program, we communicate our policies, procedures, and practices to families, as well as expectations for positive and respectful communications, interactions, and behavior from them. We expect you as educators to communicate daily with families through both verbal and written methods, supporting cultural influences and differences in styles of parenting, problem-solving, communicating, and relating.

Per First Circle’s standards, all communications should be: