First Circle is very proud of our unique character education program, MyCharacter. Character determines how we respond to situations and circumstances of life. How a person thinks, acts, and feels reveals their character. Character shows in the habits and values a person demonstrates in their interactions with others, and how they treat themselves. Early childhood experts say children begin to develop character traits in infancy based on their personal experiences, relationships, and temperament.

Studies show character skills are as important as academic skills in determining success in life. When children learn habits of planning and goal setting, self-regulation, decision-making, organizing their personal time, and managing responsibilities effectively, they gain habits that will help them succeed in school and in life.

MyCharacterâ„¢ introduces an area of character every 3 months, with a specific trait each month. Parents receive our flier providing information about each character trait so they can support children in their character education at home.

Books, games, poems, and songs that are introduced each month highlight the trait and teach prosocial behaviors and engage children in making choices to reinforce learning objectives. The at-home fliers give parents specific activities they can do with their child to model and practice the character skills being taught in the classroom.

With each character trait, provide children multiple activities to practice solving problems, to reinforce learning, and to see how their behavior, actions, and words affect others. The ability to make good choices, self-manage, and be helpful, honest, and compassionate are skills that are built over time, with examples, reinforcement, modeling, and practice.