family partnership

The foundation of a successful learning experience for young children is approaching the relationship between our program, educators, and families as a partnership. We strengthen this partnership when we work with parents to develop trust. Key components of our partnership are:


It’s important to us that our program policies, practices, and communication respect and include all families.


We’re proud of First Circle’s cultural diversity and encourage the inclusion of our families’ cultural backgrounds in every way possible. We welcome parent participation to support cultural, social, and individual diversity. Parent participation helps develop awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of differences such as gender, language, ethnicity, family composition, and differing abilities. Please encourage parents to contribute and share their culture by reading a book, sharing personal stories (especially about life as a child in different cultures), music, costumes, dance, specific traditions, food, and holiday celebrations, etc.


We pride ourselves on responding quickly to any communication.


We invite parent participation in program activities, field trips, classroom visitors, and volunteers, etc. To enhance the home/school connection, First Circle plans social events throughout the year. These events offer families a time to get to know each other and our staff in a relaxed environment.

We ask staff to attend as many of the social events as possible because they help build a positive, enjoyable community among parents, children, staff, and administration. We compensate you for this time. Some social events are mandatory. We also ask educators to plan and hold family social events regularly in each classroom (such as breakfasts, pajama day, week of young child activities, etc.).


A critical function of our partnership is support for children and families experiencing challenges. One of your main goals is to help children reach their fullest potential. Partnership means not judging parents’ approach, even when you have a different perspective of how a family “should” care for their child. Parents are experts on their own children. We value their role as the primary teacher of their child. In addition, First Circle has developed relationships with resources, schools, agencies, and institutions that support families.

open door

Childcare experiences are extremely important to the children and their families. We appreciate that and work to reduce the stress and anxiety involved when they leave their little one in our care. We maintain an open-door policy and encourage families to visit (announced or unannounced), observe, and offer suggestions and ideas for the program.


By EEC regulations, all information contained in a child’s personal file is confidential. You have the right to access the records of the children in your classroom but you cannot share the information contained in a child’s file with anyone without the written consent of the parent or guardian.