family information management

For complete and detailed information about children’s schedules and tuition, please refer to First Circle’s Program Information + Tuition, updated annually. Any parent interested in more specific information should be referred to Administration.

Here’s more detail on schedule and tuition information you may be asked about or that directly affects you.

tuition rates

Tuition rates are determined by the number of hours each day and the number of days each week a child is scheduled to attend First Circle. Parents are responsible for payment of this schedule whether or not their child attends.


First Circle offers 2 different schedule options: full days (8:00-5:00), or 3/4 days (8:00-3:00 or 9:00-4:00). Individual children’s schedules are determined at the time of enrollment.

schedule changes

When a family requests a schedule change, we ask them to submit a schedule change form at least 2 weeks in advance [forms are available here]. Schedule changes are approved based on availability. If there are concerns the change may negatively impact the child or classroom, we may discuss the request with classroom staff. All schedule changes must be approved by Administration. No schedule change is confirmed without notifying the classroom in advance.

If a child’s schedule is being decreased, even temporarily, we advise parents that unless they have specified an end date that we have approved, we can’t guarantee we’ll have space available to return to their original schedule. Temporary schedule changes must be for a minimum of 1 month (or 4 weeks).

early dropoff

For some sites, we offer early dropoff between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. for an additional charge. Parents must confirm early dropoff in advance so Administration can ensure proper staffing. Please refer inquiring parents to the office.

drop-in/extra time

We offer drop-in care exclusively for children currently enrolled in the program. Parents must submit a Drop-in Request Form [available in the lobby] in advance. We try to accommodate all requests for drop-in care. However, we will only confirm requests when space is available and we have no staffing constraints. Once we have approved a drop-in request, we will let you know so that you can plan accordingly.