family departure

We hope children depart only for kindergarten. But families may withdraw due to a move, changes in their job or financial situation, or because their child would benefit from a different program. Regardless of the reason for departure, let the departing child know they were a valuable part of our program and that they will be missed.


When a family withdraws, the classroom receives a copy of the departure paperwork, including date of departure and any other appropriate information. If a parent communicates to you that they are leaving, please ask them to tell the office as well.


When a child departs the program, classroom educators should:

File any paperwork with the office after departure.

suspension or termination

First Circle is committed to the health, happiness, and well-being of every child. We do not want to bar a child from continuing at our school and will explore every option to avoid it. There are a few circumstances, however, where we may suspend a child’s enrollment:

Under rare circumstances, and after exhausting all other options, it may be necessary for First Circle to terminate a child’s enrollment, including:

First Circle reserves the right to suspend or disenroll a child under any of the above circumstances or if we believe alternate care is more suited to the child/family. Should this happen, the director will schedule a meeting with parent(s) and provide them with a 2-week written notice of termination. The director will help the parent(s) locate other childcare options and adjust the tuition. The classroom should follow all departure procedures listed above.

thank you

However long a family is with us at First Circle, we thank them for trusting us to help their child grow. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be part of their family and to care for their precious child. Encourage them to stay in touch with us, provide a forwarding address (if applicable), and come back to visit anytime!