End of the day


We ask families to arrive on time at the end of the day. We encourage parents to come early enough to allow time for visiting before their child’s scheduled departure time. When picking up, parents have been advised to:


Every staff member should be familiar with each child’s pickup time, and each family’s pickup style. Parents need to inform you when they pick up their child. Remind them to supervise and stay with their children until they leave the premises.


In some sites, we have an extended day option after 5:00 p.m. for an additional fee. Children who stay after 5 p.m. should be grouped together regardless of age. Bring all the children’s belongings into the designated extended day classroom at 5 p.m. Parents are responsible for picking the children up from the classroom and letting the teacher know they are leaving.


We cannot overstate the importance of making sure that a child is picked up by an authorized person. All employees must know this policy and follow it without exception.


If children are still in attendance after closing, a teacher will be asked to stay with a member of Administration until the last parent picks up. The teacher must complete a Late Pickup form for the family when they arrive to pick up their child. The form outlines the time and fee that will be charged. Families are not charged for the first time they are late, although you should still submit a form. Families who arrive after closing are charged a late fee of $1.00 per minute per child; the fee is determined by the time they leave First Circle. The late fee is paid directly to the teacher and can either be paid directly at the time of pickup or included with their next tuition payment. Teachers are paid their regular hourly rate (minus taxes) for their time with the next paycheck.

When families arrive late to pick up children who are scheduled to depart at 3:00 or 4:00 p.m., the same procedure applies; however, late fees are not paid to the staff member. They are given to the classroom budget if the fee exceeds $20.00.


Parenting arrangements can change over time. If the legal custody status of a child enrolled at First Circle is changed by court order, parents must give us a copy of legal documents immediately. We cannot withhold release of a child to their parent without legal documentation.

Once official custodial papers are obtained, we will work with parents to develop a plan to comply with the legal requirements. All administrators, front office staff, and the child’s teachers will be informed of the custody change. If a parent legally loses custody of a child, steps will immediately be taken to revoke the non-authorized parent’s access to the center.


Children need to be transported safely. Use of drugs or alcohol or the lack of use of an appropriate car seat can create an unsafe transportation situation. If you are concerned that a child cannot be safely transported, you must immediately let Admin know. We will not release the child to the individual and will contact an alternate pickup person instead.