covid safety

We pride ourselves on providing the same loving care as we did Pre-Covid, but with increased safety measures for families and staff.

Keeping Healthy

  • Parents and staff conduct an at-home self-screening, and sign a health attestation form daily
  • Outside drop-off and pick up: only staff and children are permitted in the school at this time
  • Classrooms are self-contained units with consistent staffing and no intermingling of classrooms indoors or outdoors

Enhanced Hygiene

  • Children wash hands immediately upon entering the classrooms, with increased hand washing throughout the day
  • Masks are required for staff and encouraged for children 2 and older.
  • Infant and Toddler teachers also wear smocks during close contact in the classroom.​

Increased Sanitizing + Disinfecting

  • We use hospital-grade disinfectant in our strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols multiple times a day
  • Toys from home are not permitted except for a transitional object or “rest buddy”

Physical (Social) Distancing

  • We have small group sizes with physical distancing when possible, including meal and rest times.
  • “Virtual” tours for new families

child with mask

Social Emotional Health

  • We expect some anxiety and mixed feelings as children return to the classroom and we are prepared to support them through this transition.
  • Our “My Character” Curriculum, along with a focus on social emotional health will serve to provide individualized care to the children.

In order to ensure your family’s safety,
our operating hours have been temporarily changed to
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM with no early drop-off

preschool boy washing hands
prekindergarten teacher
childcare teacher

Like many families who are uneasy during these uncertain times, my husband and I were hesitant about sending our children to Daycare/PreSchool during a pandemic but knew it would be best for us to get our work done but more importantly, for their social and emotional development. First Circle has worked diligently to make a safe, nurturing, and clean environment for all of the children.  We truly feel as though our children's health and wellness is the primary concern.  My son is happy, learning, and making friends.  We also love getting the daily reports, updates, and makes us feel certain about our decision.  We are truly happy to be part of the First Circle Learning Family!

— Jane G

After months of quarantining due to COVID-19, my husband and I were faced with the decision of whether to send our children back to school. Like all families, we struggle[d] with the decision of whether we continue care at home or school. However, we ultimately decided that the student-teacher dynamic, the power of play between children of similar ages, the learning and the social component that school provides is irreplaceable and is crucial when it comes to the health and happiness of our kids. 
My daughter has been back at First Circle for a month in Ms. Natasha's class and returns home every day happy, inspired and eager to share everything she is learning.  At school, she is encouraged to wear her mask, but is not reprimanded if a break is needed. She tells us that her hands are continuously being washed and even smell like fruity soap when she comes home. She has her own bin with supplies such as playdough and crayons/markers. We are lucky to get pictures of her engaging in activities and play, as well as daily reports of what the class as a whole is learning as well as details specific to my daughter's day.
We believe that the staff at First Circle and Ms. Natasha are taking every precaution to ensure that germs stay out while learning and happiness stays in. We are so far very pleased and are confident that the staff will continue keeping our daughter safe, and happy, in their care.

— Maayan

We continue to work closely with our healthcare advisor and follow CDC guidelines. Precautions are subject to change, based on local guidance, EEC updates and new scientific data.