The Power of a Red Wash Cloth

Young children sometimes panic at the sight of blood. Their panic can quickly escalate and turn a minor accident into a traumatic incident! If your child tends to panic at the sight of blood, here’s a tip to help calm them down. Keep a few red washcloths and small red towels in your first aid kit. When you wet the washcloth to clean a cut or a scrape the bleeding won’t be as noticeable. Children often equate the amount of blood they see with the seriousness of the injury. If they see less blood, things don’t seem as bad.

Talk to them in a subdued voice to calm them, and explain what you are doing as you patch them up. For instance, “First were going to wash your knee so no germs get under the bandaid, then we’ll dry your leg so the bandaid will stick….” Assure them they will be just fine. The calmer you are, they calmer they will be. If the injury should require a visit to the emergency room, “I think we should have a doctor look at that….,” wrap the injured area in the red towel and fasten with safety pins until the doctor can look at it. When it’s all over, pat yourself on the back for remaining calm in a tense situation. Oh, and don’t forget to take a deep breath!