baby sign language

Baby sign language is a great way to enhance your baby’s communication skills.

Start by teaching basic words like:

Pre-verbal infants can start to express their needs as soon as they can focus on hand movements and can cognitively link a certain gesture to a certain meaning.

In baby’s first year, hand-eye coordination develops sooner than the acquisition of verbal skills and this is what makes it possible for babies to learn signing before they can actually talk.

Proponents of baby sign language contend that its use lessens a baby’s frustration in trying to communicate and may help avoid tantrums as well. Studies have shown that babies who engage in BSL talk earlier, are more engaged in communication, do better in school, have higher IQs, and form a closer bond with their parents and extended family members.

Down the line, BSL benefits a child’s language development in several ways including increased vocabulary and more advanced literary skills. It enhances cognitive, social and emotional development as well.

There are many online resources, including books, charts, flashcards, and DVDs that promote the use of BSL and ASL. Many provide brief videos to show parents how to begin using BSL with their babies. One of our center’s favorite websites for BSL is:

They have a ton of freebies, and great, easy to follow videos for parent and caregivers alike.

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