oral hygiene:

it’s never too soon
to start

Portrait of boy brushing teeth in bathroom at home

Did you know that dental cavities are the most common chronic childhood disease? Not only that, but oral diseases can lead to problems with eating, speaking, learning, and self confidence. Parents should be sure to see a pediatric dentist with their child as early as one year old. Pediatric dentists focus on the physical and psychological needs of the young child. Even if your little one doesn’t have teeth, proper gum care can make a difference in your child’s over all health. We hope these tips below will help you make the best plans for your child’s dental health!

baby smiling

for babies

before teeth

Clean your baby's gums with a water soaked baby washcloth. This will stimulate gums and remove food.

first tooth

Begin brushing when the baby’s first teeth appear around 6 months. Use a small soft brush with a pea size amount of fluoride tooth paste. Brush gently to inhibit tooth decay and plaque build up.

water is best

Letting a baby fall asleep with a milk, formula, or juice bottle can lead to decay when the liquids stay in contact with the teeth for prolonged periods. If you must give a baby a bottle to fall asleep, make it water instead.

first dentist appointment

Schedule Baby’s first dentist appointment around one year of age. Pediatric dentists have the knowledge and expertise to make it a positive experience.

for toddlers

start early

When your child is 2 to 3 years old, begin to teach them proper brushing technique. You will need to supervise brushing and flossing until the child is 6 or 7 and dexterity improves to the point where they can do it on their own.

brush regularly

Children should brush their teeth at least twice per day (morning and night) and floss daily. Brushing immediately after meals is always a good idea whenever possible.

lifelong habits

Parents should also encourage proper dental care throughout the teen years. Also avoiding soda, sugary drinks, and candy that sticks to teeth.

sealants + flouride

Dental sealants and fluoride treatments can eliminate 95% of all cavities.

regular checkups

Be sure to make plans to have your child seen by a dentist regularly so they can partner with you to ensure the best possible dental health for your child.