Babies eat, nap, and are diapered according to their own schedule, and we respond to their natural moods, rhythms, and tempos. We give each baby their own special care when it’s time for a diaper change or a snack. We cheer them on as they sit up, crawl, and take wobbly first steps. We smile, talk, and sing to them, helping them babble and find their baby words. We’ve created a cozy and caring space with a safe routine where they can build strong bonds, explore their senses, and build their self-confidence, ready for toddlerhood and making friends.

Babies are all about discovering the world. They are learning to roll, sit up unsupported, crawl, pull themselves up to standing, hold a bottle, “cruise,” and are beginning to use a cup and finger foods. Weather permitting, infants take a ride in strollers outside or play in our separate infant yard.