There is SO much to look forward to in prekindergarten: playing games, tasting new foods, cooking projects, practicing rhymes and songs, show-and tell, planting seeds, writing our names, building a fire truck with boxes, staging a play, sorting leaves, practicing sink/float, drawing maps, studying bugs, writing a class book, and painting every day.

Pre-K children have a strong foundation of learning and are ready to build more skills. They are able to participate in group experiences; respond to open-ended questions; make predictions; consistently follow an activity through to completion; care for their own personal needs like toileting, dressing, safety; and navigate the classroom environment independently.

Our prekindergarten classroom is set up for intentional learning: organized and engaging, equipped with fun and purposeful materials that foster independent exploration, play, and socialization. The classroom encourages learning in all areas and is designed to protect children’s health and safety, as well as support their needs for activity, sensory stimulation, outdoor activity, rest, and nourishment. 

In prekindergarten, we help children build collaboration and communication skills, creativity, executive function, and critical thinking—the 21st century skills they’ll need to thrive in school and in life.


  • engage in abstract thinking and explore more complex ideas
  • find solutions to problems and use their social and communication skills to resolve issues
  • ask open-ended questions and make predictions
  • play cooperatively with each other, and actively participate in group experiences
  • take care of and advocate for themselves
  • take leadership roles in the classroom
  • understand safety and safe behavior
  • prepare for school structure and routines
  • become independent and make good choices
  • develop empathy, responsibility, and self-help skills
  • identify letters and sounds and develop print and book awareness”