preschool 1

There is SO much to look forward to in preschool: science experiments, sorting colorful objects, cooperative games and group play, fun projects and imaginative stories, dinosaur hunts, engineering plans, and musical parades. 

Children in Preschool are using their communication abilities to explore new social situations. They’re expanding their play skills to include their curiosities and interests and are beginning to make literacy connections throughout the classroom. Children continue to develop their self-help skills as well as responsibility for themselves, their friends, and the classroom community.

Our goal is to inspire curiosity, turning questions into discoveries, helping the children learn by doing. We transform numbers into friends and letters into adventures; and foster sharing and teamwork with group play. Every hug, high-five, and “wow, you did it!” boosts the kids’ self-esteem, helping them become confident, independent, enthusiastic learners, ready for pre-kindergarten.


  • to build social skills
  • to express and regulate their emotions
  • to start to write and make literacy connections
  • to enthusiastically explore scientific investigation
  • to expand their vocabularies
  • counting and math concepts
  • problem-solving techniques
  • self-competence, respect, integrity, leadership and citizenship