toddler 2

There’s SO much to look forward to in Toddler Two: science experiments, kicking balls and balance beams, painting, sing-a-longs and dancing, cooking, storytime, dress-up costumes, and making friends. 

Older toddlers are on the road to independence. They are discovering that they have a voice and that it matters—and that they can help themselves when they want. Following a routine-based schedule, children in Toddler Two discover the wonder of numbers and colors, and get the hang of using their words to share ideas and feelings. Circle time happens every day and children become fully engaged as they listen to stories and sing songs. 

We encourage the children to play and explore, building their motor skills as they create, climb, and move around; and we help them share toys and take turns. And through stories, art projects, and games, they’re learning to love learning while building a strong academic foundation for preschool.


  • to accomplish new physical milestones
  • self-help skills and to be a helper
  • to ask questions and be curious about the world around us
  • to explore their creativity in art
  • to practice following rules and routines while developing independence
  • to use table manners and be polite
  • to use their words to express their feelings
  • to count and basic math concepts
  • to develop citizenship, respect, and helpfulness
  • feel happy and safe in our classroom