toddler 1

There is SO much to look forward to in Toddler One: painting masterpieces, building castles with blocks, science experiments and dancing to music, baking in play kitchens, listening to stories, trying new tastes and practicing table manners, sharing, chatting, and playing with friends. 

Young toddlers are constantly on the move, going from doing their own thing to having a group routine that they can count on, which helps them learn about how things work and what to expect. Their vocabularies are exploding and they are steadier on their feet.

We’re all about helping those curious minds and busy hands explore the world of words and friendships. 


  • to accomplish new physical milestones
  • beginning self-help skills and to be a helper
  • to explore creativity in art
  • to practice following rules and routines while developing independence
  • to say thank you and please
  • to begin to use our words to express our feelings
  • to begin to count and basic math concepts
  • to develop citizenship, respect, and helpfulness