Children’s arrival

Children arrive at different times in the morning.


Some locations have an early dropoff option before 8:00 a.m. for an additional fee. Children who arrive before 8 a.m. are grouped with children in the same program (Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers).


Parents are responsible for bringing children into the classroom and letting the educator know they’ve arrived. For safety, parents are not allowed to leave a child at First Circle:


Your responsibilities when children arrive include:


We tell parents to call us as early as possible to report their child’s absence or let us know through Engage. We also ask to be advised if a child has been diagnosed with a contagious illness so we can notify staff and parents as necessary. We will notify you of any absence as soon as possible and advise you if any adjustments to the schedule have been made due to the absence, such as an additional educator who will no longer be needed to maintain ratios.

If you are notified directly of an absence, via voicemail or other means, you must notify Administration immediately. If a child has not shown up within an hour of their usual arrival time on a day they are scheduled and you have not been notified of the absence, please call (or ask an administrator to call) the parent to confirm the child is absent. Make every attempt possible to speak to someone rather than leave a message. Tuition is not refunded or credited for days missed due to illness.


Drop-in requests are granted for enrolled children when space and staffing are available. If time permits, we will include the child on printed attendance forms. If not, you must write in the child and schedule, and indicate dropoff and pickup times. Drop-in children should be included in the plan for the day.

Parents are charged for the total hours requested (in full-hour increments), even if the child does not attend them all. If a child attends more than the requested hours, parents are charged additional hourly fees. No late pickup forms need to be filled out. Please notify administration immediately if the hours attended do not match the hours indicated on the drop-in form.