COVID-19 Safety Information

We pride ourselves on providing the same loving care as we did pre-COVID, but with increased safety measures for families and staff. Increased hand washing throughout the day Frequent and transparent communication with families Each site has a building air purifier, as well as a Zono sanitizing cabinet for sanitizing classroom equipment. We use hospital-grade […]

march madness

  Spring is coming! We’re offering a discount worth up to $2475 for March enrollment. Contact us for more details. In Lexington Close

calendar builder

calendar builder INSTRUCTIONS day:starting with the first of the month, enter the day number listed above each form event listing:Holiday, special day event lex/fra only:use if there’s a special status in only one location anniversary/birthday:no need to specify location in the field entry (it’s automagical!) SEND! REVIEW:Click here to check your work Revisions:Reload this page, […]

Authorization for Topical Application

AUTHORIZATION FOR TOPICAL APPLICATION I hereby authorize the staff of First Circle Learning Center to apply the following topical application(s) to my child:

Drop-in Request form

DROP IN REQUEST A few notes regarding drop-in: We will try our best to accommodate all requests for drop-in based on a combination of space in the classroom and staffing. Occasionally, we may have space available in the classroom but have staffing constraints that prevent us from being able to accept drop-in children on a […]