LEADERSHIP responsibility what is it? Being a responsible person includes the ability to consciously make decisions and behave in ways that help others and improve oneself. As adults, our responsibilities may include things like arriving to work on time, grocery shopping, and honoring commitments that you have made. In children, responsibility includes things like completing […]


LEADERSHIP positive attitude what is it? A positive attitude is an outlook on life that looks for the good in people and expects good things to happen in a variety of situations. People who have a positive attitude recognize and seek out opportunities as well as focus on successes and accomplishments rather than dwell on […]


LEADERSHIP courage what is it? Our culture is rife with stories of courage. Many of our most beloved movies feature courage, such as The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars. It’s a central theme of popular books such as Harry Potter. We are all familiar with the bravery of social activists such as Nelson Mandela […]


CITIZENSHIP helpfulness what is it? Helpfulness is looking for ways to help someone and then offering that help. Helpfulness is being of service to others and doing thoughtful things that make a difference in their lives. Helpfulness is based on compassion and caring for another person. Helpfulness not only provides comfort and support to others, […]


CITIZENSHIP mindfulness what is it? Mindfulness is the cultivation of attention and awareness, of breath, mind, heart and body. This 2500-year old practice teaches children how to ground themselves in the present moment. As children learn self-directed, calming techniques, it helps them become more attentive, balanced and aware. The point of mindfulness is not to […]


CITIZENSHIP citizenship what is it? Citizenship means being a member of and supporting one’s community and country. Being a citizen doesn’t automatically make someone a good citizen, which is why teaching citizenship to children is so important. Citizenship is character education in action as most of the character traits we strive to instill in children, […]


RELATIONSHIPS compassion what is it? The literal definition of compassion is to “suffer with.” Often confused with empathy, the two are related but different: empathy is our ability to put ourselves in another person’s shoes, while compassion adds the component of being motivated to help ease someone’s suffering.  Compassion consists of three areas: noticing, feeling, […]


RELATIONSHIPS respect what is it? Respect is one of those words that people use frequently but often can’t define precisely. To respect someone means to value and honor them, both their words and actions, even if we do not approve of everything they do. It’s accepting the other person and not judging or trying to […]


RELATIONSHIPS integrity what is it? Integrity is defined as being honest and having strong moral principles. It is a personal effort to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards. To children, we would say that integrity is doing the right thing whether or not someone is there to see. Research has linked integrity to […]


SENSE OF SELF self-management what is it? Self-management is the ability to learn and use appropriate social interaction skills, follow expectations and routines, and develop motivation for learning and achieving goals. Self-management can be used to teach children what is expected of them, such as tasks they are supposed to do. Children can learn to […]