appendix – abuse + neglect policy

Abuse + neglect policy This is First Circle’s complete Abuse and Neglect Policy. Under the law, mandated reporters are protected from liability in any civil or criminal action and from any discriminatory or retaliatory actions by an employer. If a staff member has a concern about a child or fellow educator, the first step we […]

appendix – violence hazards

Violence hazards PHYSICAL AND VERBAL THREATS ADMIN All verbal threats will be treated the same way as physical threats, and all physical threats made inside or outside the center will be taken seriously. If the physical threat comes from within the center, notify law enforcement of the incident and communicate with the staff members involved […]

appendix – safety hazards

Safety hazards SERIOUS INJURY EDUCATORS Remain calm and with the child at all times. One educator should begin emergency first aid while another educator takes the other children to another area or room and shields them as much as possible from viewing the emergency. Alert Administration to send assistance. Decide with Admin who will accompany […]

appendix – emergency procedures

Emergency procedures EVACUATION ON SITE ADMIN Signal emergency by alert whistle. Remain in building to ensure that no one is left in the building and confirm the safety of the children. Determine with emergency officials when the area is “all clear.” Do not let anyone back in the building until cleared. Confirm head count of […]

appendix – toileting + diapering

Toileting + diapering DIAPERING PROCEDURE We strictly follow requirements and guidelines for safety and sanitation from EEC and the DPH. This step-by-step procedure is posted over every changing table and must be followed without exception: Gather necessary supplies. Place disposable paper on changing table. Put on disposable gloves. Place child on covered diapering surface. Clean […]

child guidance policy

Child guidance policy Introduction Overview As young children work to build language and self management skills such as problem solving, flexibility, resilience and practice self-calming techniques they may display challenging behaviors including defiance and aggression. During the past 30 years, child guidance practice has moved away from reactive, negative approaches to proactive, positive ones. When […]

daily program

Daily program daily schedules Overview Schedules organize the day. To meet children’s needs, the daily schedule must be consistent and balance physical, emotional, educational, and social needs. Schedules ensure that: teachers manage their time with children efficiently there is a balance of activities children accomplish the activities planned children don’t get hungry or tired the […]

learning environment

Learning environment classroom design The classroom learning environment is the physical space that supports and shapes the curriculum. It can have a profound effect on individual children and the group. Our classrooms are designed to be safe, warm, and inviting to help children engage in learning activities and to support their development. Physical The classroom […]

our curriculum

Our curriculum overview Curriculum is the heart of any learning program. Curriculum is comprised of all the care and learning that happens in our program. It includes all the experiences, activities, and interactions that foster children’s learning and development. The nurturing relationships between teachers and children, the learning environment, daily schedule, children’s skills assessments, and […]