appendix – abuse + neglect policy

This is First Circle’s complete Abuse and Neglect Policy. Under the law, mandated reporters are protected from liability in any civil or criminal action and from any discriminatory or retaliatory actions by an employer. If a staff member has a concern about a child or fellow educator, the first step we require is to report […]

appendix – violence hazards

PHYSICAL AND VERBAL THREATS ADMIN All verbal threats will be treated the same way as physical threats, and all physical threats made inside or outside the center will be taken seriously. If the physical threat comes from within the center, notify law enforcement of the incident and communicate with the staff members involved in the […]

appendix – safety hazards

SERIOUS INJURY EDUCATORS Remain calm and with the child at all times. One educator should begin emergency first aid while another educator takes the other children to another area or room and shields them as much as possible from viewing the emergency. Alert Administration to send assistance. Decide with Admin who will accompany child to […]

appendix – emergency procedures

EVACUATION ON SITE ADMIN Signal emergency by alert whistle. Remain in building to ensure that no one is left in the building and confirm the safety of the children. Determine with emergency officials when the area is “all clear.” Do not let anyone back in the building until cleared. Confirm head count of children AND […]

appendix – toileting + diapering

DIAPERING PROCEDURE We strictly follow requirements and guidelines for safety and sanitation from EEC and the DPH. This step-by-step procedure is posted over every changing table and must be followed without exception: Gather necessary supplies. Place disposable paper on changing table. Put on disposable gloves. Place child on covered diapering surface. Clean child’s bottom from […]


THEMES Authentic learning occurs when activities or projects offer children an opportunity to apply their knowledge or skills to real-world situations. Children engage and learn more when activities, discussions, and materials are related to their surroundings and to real life examples. Learning activities and content should be linked with a particular theme or project. Themes […]

prohibited child guidance practices

prohibited child guidance practices Like EEC, we at First Circle believe that behavioral control is neither logical nor appropriate for children. No form of punishment or physical restraint will be used to discipline a child. We strictly prohibit all the following practices: spanking or other corporal punishment of children subjecting children to cruel or severe […]

behavior support plan

behavior support plan Occasionally, children may not make enough progress in learning to control their behavior despite the educator’s best efforts. The child’s behavior may make it difficult for the child and other children to learn and grow in the program. If the behavior is so severe that 1) it is likely that the child […]

challenging behavior

challenging behavior The number of children with challenging behaviors is on the rise. Challenging behavior can have complex causes. As educators, we need to increase the number of tools in our intervention toolbox. It is important to remember that children with behavior challenges often have disabilities that affect their ability to learn coping and problem-solving […]