Breastfeeding policy

First Circle is committed to providing a breastfeeding-friendly environment for our enrolled children and staff.


As much as possible, we provide breastfeeding mothers, including employees, a private and sanitary place (other than a bathroom) to breastfeed their babies or express milk. This area has an electric outlet, comfortable chair, and nearby access to running water. Mothers are also welcome to breastfeed in front of others if they wish.


We provide refrigerator space for expressed breast milk. Mothers should provide their own containers, clearly labeled with name and date.


First Circle is committed to supporting breastfeeding mothers, including providing an opportunity to breastfeed their baby in the morning and evening, and holding off giving a bottle, if possible, when mom is due to arrive. Infant formula and solid foods will not be fed to a child unless requested by the mother.


All center staff will be trained in the proper storage and handling of breast milk, as well as ways to support breastfeeding mothers. First Circle follows human milk storage guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid waste and prevent foodborne illness.


First Circle will provide nursing mothers reasonable unpaid break time to express milk. You are encouraged to discuss the length and frequency of these breaks with the Director. Expressed milk can be stored in company refrigerators or in a personal cooler. Label your milk to avoid confusion for other employees who may share the refrigerator.

Time allowed for nursing or expressing milk does not exceed the normal time allowed to other employees for lunch and breaks. For time above and beyond normal lunch and breaks, PTO may be used, or the employee can come in earlier or leave later to make up the time.