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Why join our exceptional team?

25+ year mission of making it an exceptional place to work

For more than 25 years, we’ve made it our mission to be an exceptional place to work! We’re a private family-owned and operated school with a long-standing excellent reputation.

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We're teachers first

Our talented staff is passionate about children and teaching, supportive and caring of one another, and have lots of fun! We’re looking for dynamic and talented teachers and assistant teachers to join our awesome team.

We value creativity and teamwork

Are you a person who values creativity, individuality, teamwork, and personal time? Then come join our team: we believe in offering our staff a flexible schedule that supports a balance between work and life.

We provide the tools and support to do your job exceptionally well

We believe in fostering a culture where teachers are given the support and tools to succeed, and the opportunities to advance and grow. We believe in allowing teachers all the creativity, independence, and collaboration they need to succeed.

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daily laugh mandatory

We believe in the importance of laughing every day and building lifelong friendships. We’re proud of our long-term staff.

At First Circle, we believe in collaborative co-teaching teams. We have an exceptional character development program that was developed just for us. Teachers start with our unique play-based curriculum as a blueprint and build on it — we love creativity and personality.

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You need to have a minimum 101 pieces of flare

Kidding. But seriously, as a teacher, we welcome you to personalize your classroom, lesson plans, and activities, with a generous classroom budget for curriculum activities. We fully support our teachers with supplies and materials, and our cabinets are filled with books, music, art, theme-based toys, manipulatives, math and science items.

Tech to help you in your classroom

Each classroom has a class email and iPads to communicate with parents, as well as assist in curriculum planning and research.

We have one of the best benefit packages around:

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