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Warm and friendly is what we do best

Everything we do is dedicated to creating a warm and friendly community where families and staff feel welcome, included, respected, and safe. Our founders are working mothers so we understand the pressures of balancing work with raising children. That’s why we support your family with flexible options, responsive communication, and a strong partnership.

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You won't find this curriculum anywhere else

We created our unique curriculum to exceed the Massachusetts state standards and incorporate research into how young children learn best. Connecting My World supports each child’s individual strengths, interests, and needs. It includes all five areas of child development and teaches children the critical skills, knowledge and concepts necessary to thrive in school and life.

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at why our warm and friendly community and innovative program are the perfect place for your child to learn, grow, and thrive!

A playground built for learning

Outdoor learning gives children much more than an opportunity for active play with their friends—it gives them the chance to explore, experiment, and investigate in the natural environment. Every day on our expansive playgrounds, we build in opportunities for children to develop healthy bodies and lifestyles, respect for nature, and to stretch their social skills and imagination.

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toddler learning with toys are preschool

We care about character

MyCharacter is our innovative character development program that teaches children traits that build a strong sense of self, positive relationships, a commitment to citizenship, and 21st century leadership skills.

MyCharacter teaches the values, habits and actions that help children learn how to work together in society and in life.

“First Circle is a wonderful learning and nurturing environment for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. It’s great peace of mind knowing that our children are in great hands.”

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